F-35A Mastering First Pacific Deployment

F-35A Mastering First Pacific Deployment 23 November, 2017

The US Pacific Command announced the commence of F-35s first operational deployment in Okinawa, Japan on 21 November. Known as Theater Security Package (TSP), the deployment will see twelve aircraft and more than 300 personnel from the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings based at Hill Air Force Base conduct operations out of Kadena Air Base. Their business is to fly the F-35A, integrate with Kadena Air Base’s F-15Cs and other assets and demonstrate the continuing U.S. commitment to stability and security in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. For the next six months, the TSP will provide reassurance to regional allies that will primarily take the form of joint training missions. 

The US Air Force (USAF) had previously deployed the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) on 15 April in UK for their first overseas operations during which the aircraft conducted training and NATO reassurance missions throughout Europe for several weeks.

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