F-35Bs On Deck Once Again

F-35Bs On Deck Once Again 31 August, 2016

The US Navy plans to test F-35B Joint Strike Fighter once again on the newest amphibious assault ship the USS America in October. Acceptance tests were carried out on the USS Wasp, and solutions to major issues identified during the process were applied on the USS America. The foremost among them is rendering 4 landing points of the vessel, whose flight deck was reinforced, heat-resistant by a special coating. However, how long the engines can keep on without damage during landing is yet unknown. Another issue was the insufficiency of the headset of flight deck personnel during manoeuvring and the negative effect of this on communication. Thereupon, new headsets less-susceptible to sound were provided to the crew. Fire measures and extinguisher systems are also going to be tested on the USS America. Yet another problem to be addressed is refining and storage of the aircraft’s used chemicals in accordance with environmental laws. Training of the ship's crew assigned to the testing process is still ongoing.  F-35B will replace the US Marines’ Harrier AV8-jet. 

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