Problems do not end in F-35

Problems do not end in F-35 26 April, 2020

The problems of the F-35 Lightning II planes created by the USA within the framework of the joint attack aircraft program do not stop. Restrictions on the F-35B and F-35C aircraft used by the U.S. Navy and Navy Infantry are expected to become permanent.

According to three signed reports in the US-based Defence News Magazine, the B and C versions of the F-35 can fly for a short period. Otherwise, structural damage may occur on the outer cover of the aircraft, which prevents it from being detected on the radar. In this case, the aircraft flying at high speed can become the target.

The issue prevents the Navy from performing a blocking operation on F-35C aircraft at supersonic speeds. This problem was first brought to the schedule in December 2019. Joint Program Office (Joint Program Office / JPO) made a statement and stated that they detected the deficiency and did not expect it to recover soon.

Now, the F-35 B and C's will have to make their mission plans according to this inadequacy. On the other hand, this problem does not occur in the F-35A version, where many countries demand air force.

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