IAF Supplements F-35 With Upgraded F-15 IA

IAF Supplements F-35 With Upgraded F-15 IA 22 November, 2018

In addition to continuing purchasing F-35 multirole stealth fighters, IAF decides to upgrade its dependable F-15 fleet with improved model with advanced avionics.

The purchase has already been approved by the government, and the first of the aircraft is expected to arrive in Israel as soon as 2023.

The F-15 IA performance, considered to be superior to the older F-15 aircraft that is in inventory.

The new F-15 can fly longer distances, has higher survivability, more advanced avionic systems, and a much better ordnance-carrying capacity. The jet can carry up to 13 tons of explosives.

The IAF emphasized that the new F-15 will not completely replace the F-35 stealth fighter, but is intended to reinforce the systems currently in place to enhance the range of capabilities to an optimal position vis-à-vis its missions—from Iran to Gaza.


IAF Supplements F-35 With Upgraded F-15 IA

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