F4 Turn for Rafale

F4 Turn for Rafale 16 January, 2019

After the France’s, decision of upgrading all Rafales to F3 standard, works on new F4 variant has launched. Dassault, who does not want Rafale to fall behind its modern combat requirements, has started development work for the F4 model.

The work for the F4 model was officially launched at the ceremony held at the Mérignac Facility of Dassault. In this way, the company aims to produce a product that meets the world standards of Rafale and maintains its strength in the export market. In this model, Thales RBE2 AESA radar, TALIOS long-range targeting pod and Reco NG reconnaissance pod will be improved. The communication suite of the aircraft and the helmet mounted display system will be improved. The new engine control unit as well as the platform, Mica NG and AASM modular air-to-surface ammunition will be integrated. In addition to software and hardware upgrades, the aircraft will be equipped with a satellite communication system. In addition to increasing combat power, maintenance capability of aircraft will be improved with integration of diagnostic systems. After all, a more precise approach and landing system will be integrated for the naval model Rafale M.

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