Farewell to Marine Tanks

Farewell to Marine Tanks 6 August, 2020

While many countries acquire new tanks and even develop their domestic platforms, the U.S. Marine Corps (United States Marine Corps / USMC) disbanding tank troops.

USMC, which decided to make serious changes to its combat doctrines and vehicle types in its inventory, ended the operations of another main battle tank unit last week. Subsequently, M1A1 Abrams tanks of the 2nd Tank Battalion left Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Other tank units, which decided to close, started to prepare their platforms in line with the storeage procedures.

The Marine Corps, which announced that disband all three tank battalions in their inventory, will be stripped of the US 'second land army'. With the new plan, the Corps, which wants to reach a more agile and more capable force, wants to return to its maritime roots. Accordingly, USMC is on the way to develop its capabilities such as ship defence, island hopping, and landing operations on difficult shores. The force, which is stated to shrink by 12 thousand personnel by 2030, will significantly reduce the number of military police and heavy artillery units. USMC, which will also reduce and restructure the infantry units, will also close some manned air units.

The Corps will form light armoured reconnaissance troops and unmanned aircraft fleets within the new restructuring. It is also stated that the force, which is planned to increase the artillery rocket elements three times, will also acquire weapon systems that offer long-range precision strikes.

The USMC's heavy armoured element support will be provided by the US Army when necessary. Disbanded tankers can continue to military duty in Army. In defence backstage, it is stated that this restructuring is a preparation for possible close contacts with China in the Islands Regions in the Pacific in the future.

Farewell to Marine Tanks

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