Fatih Ünal: “SDT has been a Product Firm since its Establishment” 24 March, 2016

Located at METU Technopolis and indigenously developing software, hardware and integrated products in defence and aerospace fields, SDT Defence and Space Technologies (SDT) furthers its progress with projects in which it is the main contractor, and with products it develops for platforms or main system projects conducted by various integrators. Having developed more than 40 various products so far, the Company made the most of resources it gained in its initial years through TÜBİTAK 1007 Support Program for an SSM SAR R&D Project, in which it partnered with ASELSAN for the task of signal processing. The accumulated experience on SAR led to other applications. In recent times, the Company drew remarkable attention with its Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) pod being developed in collaboration with TAI for the requirement of tactical air training of Turkish Air Forces. We spoke with SDT General Manager as well as Technopolis Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK), Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fatih Ünal about SDT’s goals and how he viewed his environment. 

Issue 86