FCAS: An Agreement On The Engines

FCAS: An Agreement On The Engines 3 December, 2019

France and Germany have reached an agreement on the industrial organisation of engines at the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme. Safran will be the main contractor and MTU subcontractor. Subsequently, the industrialists will create a joint venture at parity to carry the contracts and the certification of the engine.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airbus Defence and Space  Dirk Hoke spoke to French Daily La Tribune at Dubai Air Show. Hoke stated that the challenges of the FCAS would be overcome.

Paris and Berlin have reached an oral agreement, which must now be declined in writing. In phase 1A (Research and Technology), France has obtained the prime contractor while MTU is confined to a role of the main subcontractor. This organisation was so far disputed by MTU, itself supported by the German parliament. But France has not yielded.

After the R & T phase, Safran and MTU are committed to creating a 50/50 joint venture, whose creation date and contours are still to be negotiated. This company will carry the contracts and will rely on the skills of the two parent companies. But the division of tasks between the two manufacturers will have to be consistent according to their competence.

On another hand, Airbus Chief Executive Officer who leads the Company’s Executive Committee Guillaume Faury has called for a single European fighter jet programme and warned that the continent needed to bolster its defence industry Last week. Faury spoke to British “The Times” Sunday edition, Sunday Times and called merging British Tempest and European FCAS Programmes.

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