Philippine Navy Plans to Acquire BrahMos Coastal Defence System

Philippine Navy Plans to Acquire BrahMos Coastal Defence System 11 June, 2020

The Philippine Navy (PN) is interested in having their own shore-based anti-ship missile systems and is eyeing the Indian BrahMos coastal defence system for the requirement.

MaxDefense from the Philippines reported that the PN is planning to acquire three batteries to enable an area defence/area denial (A2/AD) capability to protect the country’s territories. The Philippine Army (PA) has earlier announced its intentions to acquire two batteries of the BrahMos land-based missile system.

Final negotiations are delayed due to COVID-19-related restrictions, although the Indian Ambassador to the Philippines was positive that negotiations would continue once restrictions ease up on both sides.

Currently, the export version of the surface-to-surface version of the BrahMos anti-ship cruise missile has a maximum range of 290 kilometres. However, India has announced that improvements have been made to allow a maximum range of 500 kilometres.

Confirmation is still needed if the PN and PA are getting the improved variants, due to potential Missile Technology Control Regime restrictions.

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