Final Turn on Altay MBT

Final Turn on Altay MBT 22 February, 2017

The long awaited news from Otokar, the company designed the Altay Main Battle Tank and produced the first four prototypes, has finally come. Otokar's General Manager Serdar Görgüç said in his statement to C4Defence that the acceptance tests on the tank had successfully been completed. Görgüç said:, "The Undersecretariat for Defence Industry is in the process of reporting and evaluating the results of acceptance tests."

Ali Koç, the Chairman of Koç Holding's Board of Directors, stated previously: "The final stage in the Altay tank's 'Acceptance Tests' has been reached. It is aimed to complete the acceptance tests by the end of February." Altay tank was subjected to many different tests during the admission, mainly firing and road tests. During the tests, the tank traveled more than 10 thousand kilometers.

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