Fire Suppression Systems Become National with Alp

Fire Suppression Systems Become National with Alp 26 April, 2018

Alp Aviation has signed an agreement with UTC Aerospace Systems / KIDDE Aerospace & Defense which is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. With the agreement, fire detection and suppression systems used in military land vehicles, military aircraft, military shelters and positions, as well as civilian air and marine vehicles, will be get national. The agreement was signed with the participation of the Defense Industry Undersecretary Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir at the Eurasia Airshow 2018 held in Antalya. The two companies will collaborate extensively on the production and integration of the system. The agreement will be preceded by land vehicles and integration work will be carried out for other platforms as well. Systems are targeted to 60% of national built. The scope of the agreement will be the main integrator of Alp Aerospace, while the detail components will provide sub-contractors.

Fire detection and suppression systems, which are vital for military vehicles. These are one of the key components of a platform for survavibility. A fire suppression system used on land vehicles can detect and react to a fire in 0.3 seconds.

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