First 'Mi-28UB' Ready For Delivery

First 'Mi-28UB' Ready For Delivery 22 August, 2017

Russian state company Rostec announced today that Rostvertol company of the Russian Helicopters (RH) produced the first Mi-28UB helicopters for the Russian Ministry of Defence. Rostec stated that the production of the first batch has begun at the plant in Rostov in 2016.

Designed for the Russian Aerospace Forces, Mi-28UB 'Night Hunter' features a dual control system that allows piloting the helicopter from both command cockpit and operator's cockpit. Mi-28UB also have advanced avionics and communication systems, increasing the helicopter's reliability, safety and performance specifications.

The Mi-28UB will be used for fire support of land advanced units and antitank defence. alongside its primary objective the helicopters can be used for flight training.

RH plans to deliver 8 Night Hunters with dual control before the end of this year.

First 'Mi-28UB' Ready For Delivery

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