First Asahi-class Destroyer Commissioned

First Asahi-class Destroyer Commissioned 14 March, 2018

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) commissioned its first Asahi (25DD)-class guided-missile destroyer, JS Asahi (with pennant number 119), in a ceremony held on 7 March in Nagasaki Prefecture. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) launched Asahi in October 2016. The second vessel of the class, Shiranui, was launched October 2017. Asahi class vessels have a displacement of 5,628 tons, a length of 151 meters and a width of 18,3 meters. The destroyer is able to accommodate one SH-60 helicopter on the flight deck. The class is armed with an MK 45-series 127 mm naval gun and two MK 15-series Phalanx 20 mm close-in weapon systems (CIWS). 

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