First Candidate for NSM

First Candidate for NSM November 19, 2018

Lockheed Martin has announced the launch of NSM integration for Freedom class Littoral Combat Ships (LCS). The statement included the first platform to integrate the system.

The NSM (Naval Strike Missile) system will be integrated into first Freedom class platforms, LCS 27 (future USS Nanucket). Thus Freedom class ships will gain the ability of over the horizon launch capability.

The NSM system developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg and can be launched from naval or land launchers. The US Navy says that the older ships have space for NSM integration. With a future modernization program, NSM will be integrated into all LCSs. It was also reported that studies for the integration of the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program Block II (Block II) for Freedom Class platforms were conducted. The system was integrated into the USS Freedom (LCS 1) platform and tested as an Aegis derivative in the COMBATSS21 configuration.

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