First F 39 Gripen Units Will Arrive Brazil Next Year

First F 39 Gripen Units Will Arrive Brazil Next Year 14 March, 2020

The commander of Wing 2 (Air Base), aviation colonel Gustavo Pestana Garcez, confirmed the arrival schedule of the first F-39 Gripen fighters, manufactured by SAAB, from Sweden, for the Brazilian Air Force. The forecast is that the first four units, out of a total of 36 aircraft purchased by the Brazilian government, will arrive at the military unit between the months of September and October 2021. A little earlier, in April, Wing 2 will also receive modern simulators of flights. After the arrival of that first batch of fighters, eight more will come the following year and, from there, six more each year until the fleet is completed.

The information was passed on by the commander of Wing 2 last Wednesday night, 11/03, during the meeting of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Anápolis (ACIA).

"Wing 2 has a relationship with Anápolis that has persisted throughout history and has always been at the forefront of air defence in the country. Organizational culture was created where the Air Base and Anápolis grow together", pointed out the commander.

Anápolis was chosen to host the military unit responsible for ensuring the aerial sovereignty of the Central Plateau in 1969. In 1970, the government of the time chose Mirage III. In 1972, the 1st Air Defence Wing (Wing) was installed, transformed into the 1st Air Defence Group (GDA) in 1979.

In 2000, the 2nd / 6th Aviation Group (GAV) was created, and two years later, the Air Base received the modern R-99 aircraft, from Embraer, to integrate the project for the Amazon Surveillance System (Sivam). ). In 2013, the Mirage 2000 fighters were “retired”. From then on, the Brazilian government started the FX project, for the renewal of the hunting fleet, which resulted in the purchase of the 38 Gripen manufactured by SAAB, from Sweden. As of 2017, with the restructuring of Aeronautics, the Anápolis Air Base, as well as the other air bases of the FAB, changed their name, changing their name to Wing. Anápolis is Wing 2 and Brasília hosts Wing 1.

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