First Il-76-MD-90A Very Close

First Il-76-MD-90A Very Close 26 March, 2019

The first Il-76 transport aircraft to be upgraded to Il-76MD-90A is very close to service. Russia announced that the evaluation process for the platform is nearing its end.

The first serial production standard Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft, will formally participate in the Russian Air and Space Force inventory next week. No this type of aircraft delivery has been made since 2014, and Russia will procure more than 100 Il-76MD-90As by 2030. Platform produced in Aviastar-SP plants and it is announced that the company is behind the schedule 3-4 months.

PS-90A-76 engines were used in the platform, which was an improved model of the IL-76 transport aircraft. This reduced the fuel consumption of the aircraft by 10%. The ability of the predecessor to carry a load of 47 tons to a range of 4000 kilometers has increased in the current aircraft to reach a 52 tons payload to range of up to 5000 kilometers.

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