First Overhauled Su-30 Delivered

First Overhauled Su-30 Delivered 30 October, 2018


India is taking important steps to increase its combat power not only by purchases but also by improving its existing equipment. In this context, the Indian Armed Forces, which also carried out modernization activities, left behind a significant milestone. The Indian Air Force received the first overhauled Su-30MKI aircraft by local facilities.

In the ceremony held in Ojhar, the Indian Air Force received the first modernized Su-30MKI aircraft. Coordinated work with Russia was carried out within the scope of the maintenance operations carried out by the 11th Base Repair Depot. In the speech delivered at the delivery ceremony of the aircraft, it was informed that the overhaul operations carried out with the local facilities were important for the level of preparation of the Indian Air Force. The aircraft was almost completely rebuilt and the problems were fixed. There are about 272 Su-30MIs in the Indian inventory. The first 50 of these aircraft were produced in Russia, and the remaining aircraft were produced under license in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) facilities. Currently, the installation of 23 Su-30MKI planes in HAL facilities continues.

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