First Suffren Received 12 July, 2019


Jane’s reported that France received the first of its new generation Suffren class (Barracuda) nuclear-powered attack submarine for its Navy. Suffren’s drydock will not actually be flooded until the end of July. Harbour trials are planned to start on 13 July and will continue until the second quarter of 2020, after which at-sea trials will begin. The loading of the nuclear core of the reactor is planned for September 2019, and the reactor is expected to go critical for the first time in November or December.

Naval Group will deliver Suffren to the French defence procurement agency, in mid-2020, following acceptance trials beginning in the first quarter of 2020. The French Navy will then begin at-sea trials that will include the launching of new weapons, and a long-term deployment.

Suffren is the first of six new SSNs being developed under the Barracuda programme. The Suffren class will progressively replace the French Navy’s ageing fleet of six Rubis Amethyste-class submarine. The Barracuda submarines are expected to remain in service until the 2060s.

Issue 86