Flight Training from Private Ventures

Flight Training from Private Ventures 22 October, 2019

The United States turned to the private sector in order to carry out its pilot trainings in the most realistic manner. Preparatory work, which has been carried out in this context for a while, has recently been finalized with an agreement. The Washington administration signed agreements with seven companies totaling $ 6.4 billion.

US-based private aviation companies have been procuring retired aircraft for some time to train pilots to best suit combat conditions. The platforms, which were phased out by the air forces of the countries and awaiting their fate, were bought with very small budgets. After the necessary operations, the planes repaired to flying condition again and constitute the US private jet training infrastructure. Under the agreement that was valid until October 29, 2024, Air USA, ATAC, Blue Air Training, Coastal Defence, Draken International, Tactical Air Support, and Top Aces will provide training services to the US Air Force. The agreement includes items such as consulting, close-air support, flight training, threat simulation, electronic warfare support, air refueling, research, test-evaluation and other tasks suitable for aircraft fleets, as well as quality control and technical support.

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