No Delay for FNSS

No Delay for FNSS 23 June, 2020

Nail Kurt, FNSS General Manager and CEO, met with the leading names of the defence media in a live stream. Kurt answered C4Defence's question about the virus process.

Stating that there are no serious disruptions in the supply chain of the company on the basis of domestic producers, but that foreign suppliers are affected by the process, Kurt added that there are partial problems in domestic producers acquire from the foreign manufacturer, but these are also about to be overcome. It was underlined that currently work with 600 subcontractors is underway, it was emphasized that there is no disruption in payments and that subcontractors are given as much importance as the company. However, Nail Kurt stated that if there is a total impact in the defence sector, it is likely that problems will also occur in the sub-industry, and otherwise large problems are not expected.

Stating that financial support is provided to subcontractors such as payment and delivery of manufactured components, Kurt stated that necessary measures were taken to carry out the processes without any problems.

No Delay for FNSS

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