FNSS MAV on Sea 13 August, 2020

FNSS, which is one of the leading military land vehicles of Turkey, continues to operate at full speed.

The company posted a new video from its official social media account. It was found in the video that the platform was tested in a maritime environment. The post has "MAV (Marine Assault Vehicle), was designed by FNSS for the operational concept and mission requirements of the Naval Forces Command.

MAV is a vehicle that has the fastest move ability to take the distance between the ship and the shore during an amphibious landing operation. At the beginning of the landing phase of the operation, jump to sea from the ashore landing ships and cover the distance at high speed, enabling the troops to land under the protection and with fire support in a short time. ” There is no explanation about the scope, place and duration of the trial.

During the trials, it was observed that weight plates were placed instead of the RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon System) especially developed by FNSS for the vehicle. MAV, which is seen to be moving very fast in the water, also demonstrated its manoeuvrability.

The MAV has been developed to be used with the TCG Anadolu (L 401) amphibious assault ship. The platform was designed by FNSS as the main contractor, taking into account the operational concept and mission requirements of the Naval Forces Command. MAV, which can reach a maximum speed of 70 km / h on land, can speed up to 7 knots per hour thanks to its special nose structure that reduces viscosity in the water and powerful water jets. The platform, which has features such as 60% slope climbing and 40% side slope, can easily overcome 90 cm high vertical obstacles and 2m wide ditches. The vehicle also boasts high firepower, with a 12.7mm machine gun and a turret with a 40mm grenade launcher. It can also produce smoke screen when necessary. With its body made of welded aluminium, ballistic and mine protection and personnel safety are prioritized, the vehicles have a diesel engine and fully automatic transmission.

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