FNSS's Tank Center of Attention

FNSS's Tank Center of Attention 2 November, 2016

Turkish FNSS company has partnered with Indonesian PT Pindad and Belgian CMI Defence to meet Indonesian Government’s need of modern medium weight tank (MMWT). FNSS will be providing its Kaplan armoured fighting vehicle chassis while CMI provides a 105 mm gun and turret. 
At Indo Defence Exhibition, the company confirmed that a prototype of MMWT is currently being built, although only a model was displayed. The new vehicle will accomodate a crew of three, will have a range of a minimum 450 km and operate in a maximum speed of 70 km/h. It will also be equipped with a 3600 situational awareness sensors, a wireless crew intercom system, navigation system, interior and exterior lighting, battlefield management system and laser warning system. The turret of the MMWT is able to operate while engine is not running, thanks to an auxiliary power unit. 

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