FNSS Amphibious Assault Rig Hopeful for Korea

FNSS Amphibious Assault Rig Hopeful for Korea 23 June, 2020

Nail Kurt, FNSS General Manager and CEO, met with the leading names of the defence media in a live stream. Kurt answered questions about the process of Otter Amphibious Assault Rig (AAR) in the Republic of Korea and the company activities already underway abroad.

Stating that FNSS has some projects after 2020, Nail Kurt announced that there are projects that have been going on for 3-4 years but have not been finalized. It was emphasized that although there are minor delays in short-term processes, there are no issues affecting the long term. Stating that work is also available as an ongoing project in Oman, Kurt stated that there are some issues such as the modernization of ACVs and the acquisition of new vehicles, although there is a delay due to the prolonged AV-8 and additional time due to the virus.

Export plans continue in Oman, Indonesia and Malaysia. While it is stated that larger processes are expected in the 1,5-2 year period, the tender continues in the Republic of Korea. Hoping here, FNSS also announced that there are projects that show serious interest in new markets in South America and the Turkic Republics. In the long term, there may be a delay in the short term although there is no step back from the expectations from the projects, but a decrease in the medium and long term is not foreseen.

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