France to Buy 2000 Armored Vehicles

France to Buy 2000 Armored Vehicles 14 February, 2018

France will acquire a fleet of more than 2,000 multi-role light armoured vehicle (Véhicules Blindés Multi-Rôles/VBMR Light) by 2030.

Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly announced a contract award to Nexter in co-cooperation with Texelis, during her visit to the company’s industrial facility in Roanne (Loire) on 12 February. This contract, awarded by the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) includes the development, production and support of this new vehicle for the Army. The Military Programming Bill 2019-2025 provides for a fleet of more than 2,000 VBMR Light by 2030, the first 689 of which will be delivered by 2025. 

VBMR Lights will replace part of the VAB fleet, according to the Ministry of the Armed Forces statement.

The 4x4 VBMR Light is being developed as part of the Scorpion program, which aims to renew ground combat capabilities by enhancing their tactical interoperability and operational capability. The vehicles come in several variants including troop transport, command post, artillery fire control, engineering, ambulance, and ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance), tactical communication.

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