Charles de Gaulle Rejoined Navy

Charles de Gaulle Rejoined Navy November 12, 2018

France-based Naval Group, Charles de Gaulle (R91) aircraft carrier's half-life modernization has been completed.

During the eight months of modernization, the fuel cells of the ship were renewed and some improvements were made to the required parts. The vessel, which was delivered to the French Navy last week, will be able to serve 25 more years with modernization. Within the scope of modernization, the tactical system of the platform was renewed. Digital connections are integrated. The control room was completely renovated. The air and navigation radars have also been renewed. In addition, the ship's power generation plant, tehrik system, catapults, shafts and bearings were also examined and necessary arrangements were made. The total cost of the study, which lasted for eight months, was € 1.3 billion.

FS Charles de Gaulle is the only nuclear powered aircraft carrier which operating by non-US country.

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