New French Missile Tested

New French Missile Tested 8 August, 2018

The BAT-120 GL started firing tests. Thales, announced that firing tests of BAT-120 GL laser-guided low-weight air to ground missile test. It was announced that the a prototype fitted with a guidance kit has tested. Flight test was conducted with the Mirage 2000D in the Biscarrosse Test Area in southwest France. During the test the target was not used and a single rocket fired.

BAT (Bombe d'Appui Tactique Bomb) -120 GL, developed by Thales and Thomson Brandt Armements, 120 mm air to ground missile. Ammunition weighs 35 kilograms. BAT-120 GL has semi-active laser guidance system. BAT-120GL has 10 kilograms of high-explosive warhead.

New French Missile Tested

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