French Defence Minister blames Airbus for A400M delays

French Defence Minister blames Airbus for A400M delays 12 November, 2016

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has publicly blamed Airbus for failing to deliver operational A400Ms. “The problem is the company,” Le Drian told the defence committee of the lower house National Assembly on Nov. 2, the official minutes of which were recently released. “Today, the A400Ms delivered are not operational – and the problem does not concern just France: that is the case everywhere.

Le Drian mentioned chief executive of Airbus group Tom Enders by his name and said, “As this meeting is public, perhaps my remarks will reach Mr. Enders. It can be said that the talks I have with the Airbus executives are … lively.”

The French Air Force expects to receive by the end of the year six A400Ms of the “tactical” version.

France was the first country to receive a tactical version with the June 8 delivery to the Direction Générale de l’Armement procurement office. That plane included cockpit protection for the flight crew, among the contracted tactical capabilities. A tactical model is equipped with a protected cabin and a self-defence system to protect the aircrew and aircraft when flying over hostile zones. France had ordered four Hercules C-130J transport planes to meet urgent requirements.


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