French Nuclear Submarine in the Mediterranean

French Nuclear Submarine in the Mediterranean 28 July, 2020

The French Navy's nuclear submarine has turned its direction to the Mediterranean to take the new phase of naval tests.

FS Suffren (Q 284), the first platform built under the Barracuda-class submarine program, began sea testing in the Atlantic Ocean in May.

The submarine, which was subjected to acceptance tests before it was commissioned in 2020, will arrive at Toulon Naval Base tomorrow (July 29th) and begin the Mediterranean stage of the tests. The 65 crew members in Suffren have been working on the simulator for nearly three years.

Six platforms are being built as part of the Barracuda program, which is planned to replace Rubis-class submarines. The first four of the submarines are scheduled to be delivered by 2025.

Barracuda-class nuclear submarines are 99.5 meters long and have a fuel life of 10 years.

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