Frigate Procurement

Frigate Procurement 24 April, 2020

The two Adelaide Class frigates that the Royal Australian Navy retired in recent months have been formally handed over to their new user.

HMAS Melbourne (FFG 05) and HMAS Newcastle (FFG 06), which Greece was also considered of procurement, were delivered to its new user, Chile, at a ceremony held at HMAS Watson Naval Base. The ships, which were reported to replace two Jacob van Heemskerck Class air defence frigates that the Chilean Navy was taken out of service, were renamed as CS Capitan Prat (FFG 11) and CS Almirante Latorre (FFG 14).

Adelaide Class anti-air warfare frigates are 139 meters long and have a 4,100 tons displacement. Platforms capable of launching RGM-84J / L Harpoon Block II, RIM-67 SM-2MR Block IIIA and RIM-162B ESSM missiles from the Mk 13 launcher and Mk 41 VLS and have the Auto Melara Mk 75 76 mm Compatto cannon, 324 mm Eurotorp MU90 torpedoes. Adelaide-class ships equipped with ADACS combat management system also has a Spherion hull-mounted sonar. It was announced that Mk15 Phalanx CIWS (Close-in Weapon System) were dismantled and Goalkeeper CIWS would be integrated after they arrived in Chile.

It was stated that the crew training of the ships, which were subjected to short maintenance, continued at HMAS Kuttabul Base stationed in Sydney, but the exact transfer date to Chile is still unknown due to COVID-19.

Frigate Procurement

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