Missile Searchers by TUBITAK SAGE

Missile Searchers by TUBITAK SAGE 7 September, 2016

Turkey's TUBITAK Defence Industry Research and Development Institute’s (SAGE) "Searcher Technology Development and Testing Centre" has opened today. SAGE's Five-Axis Simulator Infrastructure allows testing in a single run 6 thousand different scenarios that can be done with the air platform at about the same cost. After the test on the simulation with the newly developed searchers, a close-to-reality idea can be formed and subsequently, the developed system connects to ammunition released by the real platform where efforts are validated. Indicating that the sensitivity of missiles including searcher was significantly higher than the ones without, SAGA Optical Design Unit Chief Bülent Özkan referred to the searchers as the "eyes and brains" of the missile. Missiles with searchers are able to find where the target is, engage the target and direct the ammunition.

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