Replacement for G3 Rifles

Replacement for G3 Rifles 13 April, 2020

Greece, where neither the economic crisis nor the epidemic could prevent the arms supply processes, has launched a new program.

Greece has started to seek for replacing the legendary G3 infantry rifles that are at the end of their life. It is aimed to manufacture the weapons in Greece, which procured in Greece during the Process, which the total cost of which is estimated to be approximately 400 million Euros. In addition to meeting the requirement of the army, it is stated that it will make important contributions to the Greek defence sector. Greece will procure weapons using 5,56x45 mm NATO, 7,62x51mm MATO and 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition.

A delegation of Athens visited companies such as Israeli IWI (Israeli Weapon Industries), Belgian FN Herstal, Swiss-based Sig Sauer and the US-based Barrett in this context.

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