Germany Resolved to Get Rid Of G-36

Germany Resolved to Get Rid Of G-36 15 January, 2017

Germany is in seek for a new rifle to replace the Bundeswehr's widely-criticized Heckler&Koch 5,56 mm G-36 rifles. 

Worried over the low accurracy of the rifles, the Federal Ministry of Defence issued a tender. Following the company's denial of the claims regarding accurracy issues, Heckler&Koch had been declared not responsible. Thereupon, the ministry issued a tender covering one thousand 750 rifles. The new weapons will enter service with German Special Forces Command (Kommando Spezialkräfte/KSK) and Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine Command. The deadline to issue a proposal is 9 February. The estşmated value of the contract is $11,6 million.

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