VPK-Ural Order from Unknown Customer

VPK-Ural Order from Unknown Customer 12 March, 2020

Movements in the armoured land vehicle sector does not decrease despite the crises.

According to the statement made by Russia, Moscow-based company VPK has achieved export success in its new vehicles. The name of the country that placed the order for the VPK-Ural platform, which still in initial tests, is disclosed. It is stated that the number of personnel carried in vehicles to be delivered in line with the request of the user will be reduced to eight.

VPK-Ural, which has similar parts with its predecessor Atlet 4x4 wheeled vehicle, weighs 14.5 tons. The platform, which can transport 12 fully equipped personnel, is powered by the 360 ​​BG YaMZ-536 turbocharged diesel engine. The vehicle platform can reach a maximum speed of 100 km / h, and can reach 1000 km range. Hull is resistant to 6 kilograms of TNT equivalent IED or mine explosion. The V-shaped belly, designed to increase the strength of the vehicle against blast, which is resistant to ammunition fired from light weapons and infantry rifles, is 0.4 metres above the ground. The vehicle, which has of 1.2 fording depth; also has 0.5 metres trench width and 0,4 vertical obstacle capability.

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VPK-Ural Order from Unknown Customer

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