New Deal for GÖKBEY Helicopter Engine

New Deal for GÖKBEY Helicopter Engine 24 June, 2020

Under the auspices of the Presidency of Defence Industries, a new cooperation agreement was reached within the scope of the Turboshaft Engine Development Project carried out by TUSAS Engine Industries (TEI).

A contract was signed between TEI and TEKFEN Engineering to establish test infrastructures within the scope of the project. The signatories are TEI, Chairman and General Manager Mahmut Faruk Akşit, and TEKFEN Engineering, President Fatih Can.

The engine development project, began in 2017 to provide the engine for GÖKBEY. It is a helicopter developed under the indigenous Helicopter Program. The project is expected to be terminated in eight years.

TEKFEN will provide supervisory services for the project for detail design, technical management, assembly, testing and commissioning of test systems.

The first production part of the TS1400 engine, which will be Turkey's first indigenous helicopter engine, was completed in 2017.

New Deal for GÖKBEY Helicopter Engine

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