Goksungur Waits 2020

Goksungur Waits 2020 31 December, 2019

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) General Manager Professor Temel Kotil announced that Turkey’s first supersonic UAV Göksungur will perform its maiden flight in 2020. Kotil made an exclusive statement to C4Defence. Kotil expressed the latest developments about Aksungur and Göksungur UAVs. Kotil reminded that they were interested in Aksungur during 2019, that Aksungur was produced in a short period such as 18 months and that the time gained was shortened every time.  We are working on the supersonic UAV Göksungur. We aim to have a maiden flight in a year. Our engine will be turbojet because it is supersonic” Kotil said.

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The interview with TUSAŞ Temel Kotil will take place in the next issue of C4Defence Magazine.


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