Stealth Black Hawk

Stealth Black Hawk 12 August, 2020

Stealth aircraft is an issue that many states have been working on with serious resources since the Second World War.

Osama Bin Laden, the ringleader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, was killed in May 2011 in an operation to his home in Bilal Town, Abbotabad City, Pakistan. In the operation carried out by SEAL (Sea, Air, Land), a special unit of the US Navy with a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that had undergone special modifications also known as EH-60 shot down. The platforms, which were known to exist but did not have a single confirmed image, were thus on the agenda again.

On social media, photographs of an experimental Black Hawk helicopter with reduced radar cross-section were published. It was stated that the platform could be the ancestor of the helicopter used in the operation in 2011. Platforms developed for use in special operations, such as special operations, has a reduced radar signature area thanks to its structural components positioned at high angles. In addition, the engine compartments and rotors of helicopters are customized for quieter operation. In the photograph of the platform, where the radome, main rotor head, exhaust outlets, air inlets and engine covers were shown to be of quite different structure, additional fuel tanks were also attached.

One of the two EH-60s participating in the Operation Neptune Spear was shot down by the ground fire during the operation. Although the personnel in charge managed to destroy the debris quickly so that the images of the platform were not published, some parts of the rotary-wing platform could be clearly seen.

Stealth Black Hawk

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