Greek Apaches in Cyprus Island

Greek Apaches in Cyprus Island 28 October, 2018

Greek Cypriot Administration web site published photos from “Exercise of co-operation between Cyprus and Greece.” The website announced that that, “Within the framework of the military cooperation between Cyprus and Greece, a co-operation on ground and airborne instruments took place on October 26, 2018 at the Kalo Chorio Fire Brigade.

The ultimate goal of the exercise was to maintain and enhance operational capabilities with the appropriate training of personnel on a realistic basis, on issues related to the Combined and Joint operations.”

Web site stated that a number of helicopters AH-64A, AH-64D (with Longbow radar) and CH-47D, armoured and motorized regular vehicles took place at the exercise.

The exercise included a combination of tactical movements and actions at the dry and air levels of the business environment.

Greek Apaches in Cyprus Island

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