Greek Leonidas Modernisation Solution

Greek Leonidas Modernisation Solution 9 June, 2020

Greece started production of 4K 7FA armored personnel carriers (APC) in 1982 as part of the need for tracked armoured personnel carriers. The platforms manufactured by the main contractor, Elbo. APCs have been using by the Hellenic Army for many years under the name of Leonidas.

EODH Hellas, which continues its activities based in Greece, has developed a modernization kit for Leonidas 1 and 2 platforms to meet the modern battlefield requirements. Within the scope of the activities carried out with domestic facilities, the survivability of the vehicle and improvement in firepower were prioritized. It is stated that the platforms can conduct operations with Leopard 2HEL main battle tanks in the front line.

A 360 HP Caterpillar C7 was proposed for the engine of vehicles that achieved STANAG 4569 Level 5 armour protection at the front and Level 4 at the sides. Taking into consideration the increasing weight, powertrain changes were included in the scope of the package. Included in the kit, which has a total cost of less than € 1 million, there is also an unmanned turret equipped with a 30 mm Mauser MK30F gun.

In the analysis made at the source for the modernization package, it was stated that the vehicles with increased survivability will be able to withstand 25 mm cannon rounds, which is the main weapon of Turkish ACVs in the front. The article also mentioned that the 30mm MK30Fs that will be integrated into the vehicles will allow engagement to the Turkish Armed Forces armoured platforms from longer range in a possible conflict.

According to NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4569 standards, Level 5 level platforms have an armour structure that provides resistance to M791 armour-piercing projectiles fired from 500 metres with 1258 m/s muzzle velocity. In this standard, the vehicles also need to withstand the shock wave and splinters of 155 mm artillery round exploding detonating at 25 metres distance.

Greek Leonidas Modernisation Solution

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