Green Light for Integration of Akıncı to TFX

Green Light for Integration of Akıncı to TFX 21 April, 2020

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil has been a guest on C4Defence's Instagram account. Kotil made important statements about the Turkish Fighter X (TFX / MMU) -unmanned aircraft (UAV) integration.

It was stated that Turkish Aerospace is working with full capacity to develop systems that meet all the requirements of the modern battlefield. Kotil spoke important words about the question asked by C4Defence about the UAV integration to MMU. It was stated that MMU was designed in line with the requirements of the future and it is possible to work together with UAVs. Professor Dr. Temel Kotil said "Why not have an Akıncı integration into MMU?" in his words, and gave green light MMU-Akıncı TİHA cooperation. Thus, in the future, MMU-Akıncı TİHA cooperation came to the agenda.

Answering the questions asked about Göksungur, Kotil stated that the project is continuing.

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Green Light for Integration of Akıncı to TFX

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