Grey Wolf Begins Operational Testing

Grey Wolf Begins Operational Testing 24 February, 2020

The operational test phase has started in the new utility helicopter helicopter program.

The operational testing phase of MH-139A Gray Wolf helicopters, will replace the UH-1 Iroquois, which has become one of the symbolic platforms of the Cold War thanks to its iconic sound and mission achievements, has begun. Trials to be carried out within the 413th Flight Test Squadron affiliated to the US Air Force (USAF) Material Command will also be the platform's first company-state joint tests. Within the scope of trials considered as critical in the MH-139A process, USAF pilots will fly under the supervision of Boeing test pilots.

In the event of successful completion of the process, budgeting of MH-139A Gray Wolf helicopters will continue and the state test phase will start.

Grey Wolf Begins Operational Testing

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