Gripen E On Its Maiden Flight

Gripen E On Its Maiden Flight 16 June, 2017

The Swedish aerospace and defence company Saab has announced the maiden flight of Gripen E prototype. The flight has been carried out on 15 June and lasted 40 minutes. During the flight, Saab's test pilot carried out a number of actions to demonstrate various test criteria including the retracting and extending of the landing gear. 

Gripen E offers high survivability and performance, advanced avionics, sensors and communication systems, as well as extended range. The aircraft can be armed with METEOR, AMRAAM, IRIS-T and AIM-9 missiles for improved air-to-air capability, while air-to-ground capability is ensured by precision weapons and target sensors. Gripen E is a fully NATO-interoperable aircraft which is able to communicate two ways with all armed units. The aircraft's initial delivery is scheduled for 2018, will replace the Swiss Air Force's fleet of Northrop F-5E/F Tiger.

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