Gripen E Proposal for Air 2030

Gripen E Proposal for Air 2030 29 January, 2019


Saab announced that it has submitted an offer for the tender under the Air 2030 Program. Thus, the number of companies in the program increased to four.

A new step took place in Air 2030, the new fighter aircraft procurement program of Switzerland. Saab announced on 25 January that it had submitted a bid for the tender. Company will take place with the new Gripen E. The tender was launched for new platforms to replace Switzerlan’s aging F/A-18 Hornet and F-5E Tiger platforms.

Saab, submitted offer for 30 to 40 aircraft. but the price information was not announced. The proposal contained the article that full industrial participation of Switzerland in production, development, maintenance and technological fields would be ensured for the new production aircraft.

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