Guided Artillery Rocket Order

Guided Artillery Rocket Order 6 July, 2020

With the advancing electronic technology, the artillery rockets, which have gained the guidance ability, offer different solutions suitable for the mission type to the user thanks to the high precision strike capability.

Germany, which actively uses M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) platforms under the name MARS II (Mittleres Artillerie Raketen System), will acquire guided artillery rockets. The German Army (Bundeswehr) announced on July 2 with a press release that the parliament approved the acquisition. In this context, the German Army will receive 1,818 guided artillery rockets. The total cost of the procurement process is estimated to be approximately 239 million USD. In addition, Germany will modernize 170 missiles used in the MIM-104 Patriot air defence system family within the scope of the 2023 VJTF (Very High Joint Readiness Task) planning.

MARS IIs have the ability to use different types of ammunition. The type of rockets to be procured for the Bundeswehr is not specified. The system is capable of launching rockets for different missions, such as cargo, anti-tank, high explosive warhead, 10-80 km range.

Guided Artillery Rocket Order

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