Missile Trial of South

Missile Trial of South 13 May, 2020

The roles have changed this time in the Korean Peninsula, which has come to the fore with ballistic missile test launches.

The Republic of Korea announced that it had conducted a ballistic missile test last April. The system, called Hyunmoo-4 and under development, has the longer range and heavier warhead capabilities than its predecessors. Test launch activity was carried out in the Anheung Test Area located on the western coast of the country affiliated to the Defence Development Agency. According to unconfirmed reports published in the media, it was plannedto launch two missiles but one of them misfired ad failed to launch.

Hyunmoo 4, which can reach 800 km range according to open sources, has the capacity to carry warheads up to 1000 or 2000 kg. The projectile, the latest member of the Hyunmoo missile family, is said to have the destroy North Korea's underground facilities capability.

Missile Trial of South

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