H-6N bomber with ALBM: Hoax News?

H-6N bomber with ALBM: Hoax News? 11 November, 2019

Recent images in the Chinese magazine showing an H-6N bomber carrying an Air-Launched Ballistic Missile (ALBM) might be a hoax.

Some western defence magazines believed that “Chinese air-launched ballistic missile may enter service soon”. UK-based Jane's Defence Weekly reported that the H-6N is capable of carrying an ALBM and it could be "in the final stages of development, or may even have entered service."

An ALBM could be used to attack an aircraft carrier or even deliver nuclear warheads, foreign media claim.

Neither the Chinese military nor official Chinese media have yet confirmed the H-6N's capabilities.

The new H-6N is believed to be the latest entry to the H-6 bomber family, with many improvements made to its predecessor H-6K, including an in-flight fuel-receiving probe on the nose of the aircraft, military observers said.

It should be noted that Jane’s underlined that H-6N picture is a high-quality computer-generated one and it is copied from the Modern Ships magazine. The magazine is published by the Shipbuilding Information Centre, also known as the 714th Institute, under the state-owned shipbuilding conglomerate, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC).



H-6N bomber with ALBM: Hoax News?

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