Moving STA Hit Target

Moving STA Hit Target 25 November, 2019

The test process of Pars 4x4 and Kaplan vehicles developed by FNSS as a main contractor  of STA (Gun Carrier Vehicles) Project continues consistently. The Presidency of Defence Industries made new statements about trials from its official social media accounts.

Within the scope of the project, which was initiated in 2016 and carried out with domestic resources, two separate platforms, were developed by FNSS. Turret systems, which are used on platforms equipped with Roketsan OMTAS missiles, were also developed by FNSS engineers. In the trial phase performed recently, the launch scenario from the moving vehicle to the fixed target was tested. Pars 4x4 and Kaplan launched missiles while moving situation and hit their targets successfully.

Developed by Roketsan, OMTAS has precise guidance-control capability and armor-piercing tandem warhead. KAPLAN STA, where missiles are used, has low silhouette, mine and armor protection; Thanks to its light weight, it has been developed as a platform that can be used in different tasks. PARS 4x4 STA, which is amphibious, can perform operations in deep and flowing waters without requiring preliminary preparation. The platform moves in the water with two propellers.

The delivery of the STA Project, which will deliver a total of 260 vehicles, is planned to begin in 2020.

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Moving STA Hit Target

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