GlobalEye Delivery

GlobalEye Delivery 30 April, 2020

Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft stand out as platforms that strategically contribute to the capabilities of the air force.

The United Arab Emirates signed an agreement with Saab in 2015 for the acquisition of GlobalEye. Announcing the procurement of two additional platforms in addition to the previous contract in November 2019, Abu Dhabi received its first platform yesterday. With the delivery in question, which constitutes an important milestone for the program, the United Arab Emirates Air Force gained an important modern capability.

GlobalEye, one of Saab's newest Airborne Early Warning and Control / AEW & C solutions, is composed of the combination of Saab Erieye ER long-range radar and Bombardier 6000 aircraft. Thanks to the radar, which can scan 70% longer range than its predecessor, the aircraft offers a wider field of observation and can perform 11-hour patrol flights.

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GlobalEye Delivery

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