Anti-Aircraft Gun is More Powerful with Igla

Anti-Aircraft Gun is More Powerful with Igla 14 August, 2020

Having an infrastructure inherited from Yugoslavia in the defence filed, Serbia continues to develop its domestic systems with local resources.

The Serbian Ministry of Defence announced that the Igla MANPAD (Man-Portable Air Defence System) was integrated into the PASARS 6x6 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun systems within the scope of the work carried out by the VTI (Military Technical Institute / Vojnotehnički Institut).

It was determined that two Igla launchers were integrated into the right side of the turret equipped with a Bofors 40 mm L70 air defence gun In the released images. The platform, which was tested at the Batajnica Air Base located near Belgrade, also performed a mission by connecting to the M85 Žirafa air defence radar through a digital channel for the first time.

The M85 will be the main surveillance system for PASARS batteries, an official from the Serbian Ministry of Defense said. Currently started a modernization programme especially focused on a software and receiver hardware. The systems consist of Ericsson manufactured M75 surveillance and target detection radars and FAP2026 truck.

Anti-Aircraft Gun is More Powerful with Igla

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