Hawks are Stronger than Thought

Hawks are Stronger than Thought 16 August, 2020

The good news for Australia from Hawk jet trainer, which has launched numerous acquisition programs within the scope of the modern combat requirements of the armed forces.

The test program carried out on the Hawk Mk127 aircraft serving the Royal Australian Air Force (Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as an advanced jet trainer aircraft has been completed. In a statement made by BAE Systems Australia, it was stated that RAAF could keep Hawk Mk 127's on duty until the end of the 2040s.

Currently, most of the aircraft in force, which have 33 Hawks in their inventory, have reached 5,000 flight hours. For the aircraft that put in the inventory in 2001, the Australian Department of Defence initiated a replacement program under the name Project Air 6002 Phase 1.

The 14 years of testing was carried by the DST (Defence Science and Technology) Group operating in Melbourne. The estimated life for the Hawk fuselage, which was subjected to different loading plans in line with the operational requirements of RAAF, was 10,000 hours before trials.

Hawks are Stronger than Thought

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