Hawkeis in Iraq

Hawkeis in Iraq January 29, 2018

Thales production Hawkei 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle deployed in Iraq. It was stated that the Australian Defense Department, vehicles was being deployed under the LAND 121 Project. Two Hawkeis, one with a four-door configuration and one with a two-door configuration, were deployed in Iraq for testing under battle conditions. Vehicles were deployed at the Taji Military Training Base, where Australia and New Zealand are partners. The performance of the vehicle will be measured in the tasks scheduled under the tests. On this side it was stated that they would have clear information about the capabilities of the vehicle. The vehicle is scheduled to start mass production in 2019. Hawkei was developed to replace 4x4 Land Rover vehicles that do not have armor protection. Command-control, liaison, general purpose and recon tasks will be mission capability of Hawkeis which 1100 vehicles will be procured from 2019 by Australia.

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